Zipper Dance intensive workshop in Los Angeles, CA

Zipper Dance is a dynamic method of partner dancing through co-leadership.  Equal gender neutral roles provide an alternative to the traditional social dance roles of “lead” and “follow.”  Co-creative improvisation replaces memorizing steps and complicated sequences.  Zipper Dance brings two sides together into a balanced union that moves as one to any music.  Experiencing a shared center in the present moment allows partner dancing to spontaneously unfold.

The Zipper method empowers dancers to listen and express to each other without words. Both partners extend invitations and respond with their unique choices.  Dances are filled with freedom, passion, and opportunity.  You will discover new ways to trust and communicate as you create playful movement with a partner.  Developing your skills of core connection, creativity, and co-leadership will reach beyond the dance floor into every area of your life.

Zipper Dance is fun for all ages and levels of experience; no partner is necessary to come to a workshop.  Please bring dance slippers, socks, or clean, slippery soled shoes.  We look forward to dancing with you!

Discover the history of Zipper Dance

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Relationship to Contact Improvisation

Dancers often notice similarities between Zipper and Contact Improvisation. Both forms emphasize connection, improvisation, and being in the moment. Contact Improv is initiated from the shared point of physical contact between two solo dancers. Zipper is initiated from two individuals creating a shared center to move as one dancing body. Contact Improv is a very complimentary dance practice to the Zipper method.