Unleash your creative potential with a partner!

Private Zipper Lessons

for Individuals or groups

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Discover partner dance like you never knew it!  You will be amazed by how quickly you learn to dance, or transform the way you currently relate to and connect with a partner.  You’ll soon be dancing around your home town and be a star at weddings.  We provide private lessons to individuals, couples, or larger groups in the comfort of your home or in the expanse of a local studio.  We have instructors offering regular private lessons across Michigan/the Great Lakes Region, Oakland, CA, Portland, OR, Bellingham, WA, and Seattle, WA.

Individual Lesson Rate: 90 min lesson, $90

Couples Lesson Rate: Two hour lesson, $180

Group Investment: Two hour lesson starts at $195 for three participants, Add $15 for each extra person, up to 40 people. No partner is necessary.

Discounts Available:  Receive 10% off for booking multiple lessons at once.  Receive 20% off any private lesson if you refer someone to Zipper Dance.

Intensive whole day group instruction: $750 per day (7 hour max), 4 copies of the Zipper Dance Book are included