Foundations Level 1

a four week Zipper workshop

with instructor James Schaberg

Wednesdays, July 1st-22nd, 7:00-8:00 pm

Presence Studio, 1412 Cornwall Ave, Bellingham, WA

Grace the partner dance floor with fluidity and confidence!  Connect with others as you kinesthetically communicate through touch and balance.  Zipper Foundations Level 1 invites you on a month-long immersion into the basics of gender neutral, step-free dance.  No complicated choreography or moves to memorize!  You will be empowered with simple tools to create your own amazing improvisational dances.  No partner is necessary to join the class.  Register by emailing  Early Bird Special (closes June 27th): $30, After $40.  Sign up with a friend and you both get $5 off!

Conscious Connection

Every Tuesday in Bellingham, WA

Conscious Connection is an awareness development and co-creative dance lab.

We invite you to discover how connecting with another can be a joyful, enlivening, and transformational experience.  By developing the capacity to “listen” through touch we’ll access intuition and gentleness to journey out of our heads and back into our hearts and bodies.

Join our gender neutral, student driven explorations in a playful, supportive environment from 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm at Presence Studio 1412 Cornwall Ave.  $5 drop-in.  Facilitated by Carsten Almskaar contact at for more information.

Dance Camp Northwest

Join us this August on the Olympic Peninsula!

Ft Flagler State Park, WA

Come to summer camp!  We’ll build and run it together, by consent, with equivalence, transparency, wildness, safety and FUN!

Dance Camp Northwest is a volunteer-run, creative collective of people who love to dance.  Zipper Dance will be one of many styles of movement offered throughout the week.  Learn more and register here:

Zipper Instructors will be joining with other dance organizers, teachers, activists, healers, artists, prophets and many others who care to invest in and create this camp.  There will be professional and volunteer classes all day, yummy, healthy meals, Family Dances for kids as dinner ends, group gatherings, an inclusive, open, self-governance system, singing around fires and eclectic dances on at least two indoor dance floors.  In the Dancamp New England tradition we offer excellent infant, children’s and youth programs.  We’ll build a safe container for free and safe full expression, with women’s space and leadership, men’s work, and a warm welcome to GBLTQ people, and people of all ages.

Dantian Fusion

An exploration of core connection

New York, NY, Dardo Galletto,  151 W46th st 11th floor

$25 pre-register,  $35 at the door, September 2015, DATE TBA

Dive deep into your own center as you join into a shared core with a partner.  This Zipper Dance class explores how dynamic body alignment, kinesthetic connection, and awareness of balance can blossom into integrated partner improvisations with an emphasis on the core and close embrace.  Be inspired by diverse music genres as you dance in co-leadership with another being.  Students with any experience level are welcome.  No partner is required.  Please bring socks or dance slippers.

Would you like a workshop in your hometown? Let us know!

email or call 231.631.2172