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Suzanne Steel, Bellingham, WA

“Zipper Dance’s special blend of partner dance improvisation and collaboration is a huge treat for anyone who loves to dance. Learning to share the lead and share the weight is so liberating and challenging at the same time. It allows one to expand their vision and feel for what is possible and that translates into all of life. Fabulous!”

Robert Bystrom, Bellingham, WA

“I was amazed at how effortlessly everyone in the class found their unique way of dancing and how it worked with all partners.  We looked as if we had been rehearsing complex movements for years, when it was all improv based on a few simple principles.”

Cathy Maveric, San Francisco, CA

“In Zipper Dance you don’t learn a dance, you learn how to dance.  Zipper teaches you in 3 months what most dancers try to achieve in 30 years.”

Zoe Rae, Portland, OR

“Zipper Dance not only gave me partner dance basics (and a few fancy turns), but also gave me the tools and techniques I needed to start co-leading and improvising, opening up my dance possibilities whether in a traditional or a non-traditional dance setting. You don’t need years of experience to have fun with co-creative partner dance–the possibilities are endless!”

Eric Albertson, Seattle, WA

“James and Maia introduced very helpful exercises which first allow one to get into a relaxed state, experiment with moving to music in different ways, and then finally to connect with a partner.  Although they taught specific movements like one might learn in a more traditional ballroom dance class, they also showed us how we could play with and vary them to make the dance fluid and improvised.”

Tim Anderson, Dance Camp Northwest, Seattle, WA

“James did a phenomenal job as a core teacher at Dance Camp Northwest this year!  He wowed his students and they still rave.  The Zipper Dance style is gentle, clear and fun, but fast, intelligent and useful.  James’ classes clearly had a positive effect on everyone at camp!”

Julian Adamaitis, Seattle, WA

“I’ve studied with dance teachers, played in bands and run sound for many dance events over the years. I’ve never met a more skilled or better dance instructor than James Schaberg. His enthusiasm for the zipper dance method has everyone up, having fun, and jumping in at the beginning of each class. I very much enjoy learning from James.”

Kimaya Lutz, Eastsound, WA

“I met James at DanceCamp NW, and was blown away by his passion for dance, life and people. He truly is a natural teacher, very inspiring, fun and knowledgeable beyond age. And he can dance! And make you dance…and laugh!!! Zipper dance is a unique way to connect with someone else on all levels, be it just through eyes, or hands, or body… moving as one to fun beats. It did open my senses to communicate and receive purely in the moment, and sharing the push and pull of life’s currents. A very touching and beautiful experience… if you can go to a workshop, don’t miss it!!!”