Zipper Dance Wedding Instruction

Think beyond your first dance,

invest in a lifetime of dancing together!

Couples Instruction

Rather than memorizing steps and choreography for your first dance, our Zipper Dance lessons give you essential skills to continue dancing for your whole lives!

Group Lessons

A perfect opportunity for the wedding party or families to get to know one another.  Also makes for an unique bachelor or bachelorette party!

Wedding Day Yoga

Kaleidoscope Yoga helps the wedding party calm their nerves and begin the day in a relaxed and connected way!

Instructors James and Maia Schaberg are excited to share with you the unique method of partner dancing that brought them together.  In a private lesson, you and your partner will both be dancing continuously, either with each other or paired up with James and Maia.  Dancing with two instructors will give you twice the learning and double the fun!  They are thrilled to share with you their passion for this playful dance of balance, connection, and creativity.  Contact: 231.631.2172 or