Reception Dance Facilitation

Your reception guests will be out of their chairs

and enjoying themselves on the dance floor!

Ensure your reception will be packed with your guests grooving to the music.  Dressed as guests to blend in, Zipper Dance instructors will get your reception guests out of their chairs and enjoying themselves on the dance floor.

Your friends and family will receive subtle coaching as they partner dance with an instructor.  They will leave the dance more confident and comfortable about their dance skills and ready to share what they learned with the next person they dance with.  Your wedding attendees will be empowered to continue dancing throughout the night!

You will receive a gift of the Zipper Dance book with detailed instructions and pictures of the exercises and movements you will learn.

Travel expenses to your reception location within 60 miles of Traverse City, Michigan are included.  The instructors are happy to travel further for additional fees.

Zipper Dance party at Om Culture in Seattle, WA

Dancing with two instructors will give you twice the learning and double the fun for your investment!  In a private lesson, you and your partner will both be dancing continuously, switching between being with each other or paired up with the instructors James and Maia Schaberg.  Zipper Dance brought James and Maia together in 2012 and they are passionate about sharing this playful dance of balance, connection, and creativity.

Book It!

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Two hour facilitation: $195 (two instructors included)

Each additional hour: $90

Receive 20% off Reception Dance Facilitation, Group Lessons, or Wedding Day Yoga if you book at the same time as Couples Instruction!